University of Pittsburgh

Student Leadership Summit

Schedule Highlights from 2013 Summit:


Frances Hesselbein

President and CEO, Leader to Leader Institute

What will you take away from the summit and bring to your communities and campuses as the next generation of leaders?

Presentation: Major General Randal Fullhart

Director, Global Reach Programs, U.S. Air Force

Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz   

     What might we learn about how the qualities of courage, love, and intelligence in this classic tale will enable you to grow as a leader.

Presentation: Mr. Keith Schaefer

President and CEO, BPL Global, Ltd.

The Entrepreneurial and Innovative Spirit of a Leader

     Did you ever wonder how some leaders just seem to have a    knack for creating and sustaining dynamic businesses, organizations, or programs? This workshop will explore the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of leaders who naturally demonstrate the qualities needed for prosperity in an ever-changing environment.

nordys     talking

Presentation: Ms. Cathey Brown

Founder and CEO, Rainbow Days, Inc.

The Five Most Important Questions every Organization Should Ask Itself 

     To help social sector organizations think through what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what they must do, we will examine the five questions Peter Drucker asked 17 years ago.

Presentation: Colonel Bernard Banks

Deputy Dept. Head, Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, U.S. Military  Academy at West Point

Considerations of Multicultural Leadership in a Global Context

     What must leaders be attuned to as they prepare to lead in a multicultural setting?

Presentation: Dr. Tara Cortes 

Executive Director, Hartford Institute for Geriatrics and Professor in Geriatric Nursing at New York University

Creating the Culture of an Organization

     Among an increasingly diverse and educated workforce, global leaders would do well to construct an organizational culture where people feel inspired to express themselves creatively and take ownership in the mission. How might one build an organization where others confidently take risks and make decisions.


             gateway clipper

                Evening Activity: Gateway Clipper Riverboat


Presentation: Ms. Eva Tansky Blum

Senior Vice President of Community Affairs, PNC Bank     

Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

      Why is it important for both non-profit and for-profit companies to be involved in social issues and to support causes important to their communities? How does a corporation choose its philanthropic priorities? How might philanthropy be conducted with a view towards the global community?


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